2014 Wrap Up

It has been an awesome 2014. A struggle in my uni life but still awesome. Met a lot of new friends, got new experiences everyday and this blog was published a few months ago in hopes that this will be a motivation for me to keep reading. It has and it is still motivating me. Words are indescribable about 2014 and I hope that 2015 will another rocking year for me and for all of you. One post is gonna come up soon. My parents got me something for my birthday which is tomorrow (NEW YEAR!!!) and I cannot wait to tell you what it is.

I am thinking of making a twist for my book blog though. Like a twist. Still thinking but I have a clear idea on what I am doing. I am a university student so books is not the only thing that revolves around me and I am pretty sure that is the case for every university students around the world.

Just keep visiting my blog.

– Ollie –