Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is the day where all mothers are respected for how much they love us and how much they would do to make us feel loved and protected. To me, personally, everyday is mother’s day. You don’t cherish your mum just today. You cherish her everyday cause she did a lot than a day.

No photos taken cause my mummy is a shy mum.

Salute to all mothers.

– Ollie –


Summer Holiday is here!

I am finally able to free myself from being dragged with assignments. The break is here and I have a lot of ideas to show you but just need the time to write them down and post it up here.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I hope that everyone is preparing something for their mothers. I do too. So enjoy your weekend.

– Ollie –

UBD Open Day & Career Fair!

It’s starting today and UBD is inviting everyone to come. Get to know more about UBD. There is also a booth where they can help you with your HECAS application. There also some company agencies here and they’re hiring. You can have a walk-in interview with them. Just bring your CV and you can photocopy your documents at the PMUBD Cafe in Chancellor Hall. Meet you there.

UBD student,

UBD Open Day

There will be a few more months before a new year starts for the university and it’s time for most of you to know what you want to study in this university. Please do bring your friends and family. Get to know more about the course that you want to take, the university itself. Get to know from it by the current students. This poster is presented by the PMUBD and is encouraged to share.

Happy 30th National Day!


Brunei has been an independent country for 30 years. 30 years! It’s awesome. I wasn’t able to watch the performances live but I still do remember those days when my friends and I participated. Though it was tiring, we enjoyed a lot. We get to share our joy, friendship and unity with others on the field. This is the true meaning of being a Bruneian. We all should stand together. In peace. In harmony. Issues has been surfacing in the country but I won’t let that beat me down. Because I’m a Bruneian. I stand my ground. I do hope and pray that these issues won’t beat all of us down and tearing us apart.

Patriotic Bruneian Chinese,