2014 Wrap Up

It has been an awesome 2014. A struggle in my uni life but still awesome. Met a lot of new friends, got new experiences everyday and this blog was published a few months ago in hopes that this will be a motivation for me to keep reading. It has and it is still motivating me. Words are indescribable about 2014 and I hope that 2015 will another rocking year for me and for all of you. One post is gonna come up soon. My parents got me something for my birthday which is tomorrow (NEW YEAR!!!) and I cannot wait to tell you what it is.

I am thinking of making a twist for my book blog though. Like a twist. Still thinking but I have a clear idea on what I am doing. I am a university student so books is not the only thing that revolves around me and I am pretty sure that is the case for every university students around the world.

Just keep visiting my blog.

– Ollie –


I’m back!

Hello Everyone!

I am now back. So sorry for my absence. I’ve been getting myself prepared for exams and I just finished them. Starting this month, I’m gonna have so many things packed in my schedule so I might not be able to participate the book memes. Truly sorry. I will try my very best.┬áCheers to that. I will still be accepting books that you want me to review. Most of the books are still in my TBR list, but, no worries I’m gonna to read all of them within this month.

Will there be any changes? Not really. It will still be the same.

– Ollie –

Happy In and the Depression Out

It has been a while since I blog due to the volunteer work in the university. Although it has taken up all of my time for my own during the summer break, I still think that it’s worth to gain the experiences to meet people from around the world. Other than that, I’ve spent most of my leisure time meditating. Doing meditation has helped me fight off my depression. That comes to something that I want to talk about.

As the new semester starts, many students would think about their results from their past semesters and would try to figure out how to find a way to get higher grades. It’s not that I discouraged many to have this goal. What I meant is that we should all have that realistic goal set to be aimed for. I’m still fighting depression and I’m determined that depression won’t let me down. So,….

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is the day where all mothers are respected for how much they love us and how much they would do to make us feel loved and protected. To me, personally, everyday is mother’s day. You don’t cherish your mum just today. You cherish her everyday cause she did a lot than a day.

No photos taken cause my mummy is a shy mum.

Salute to all mothers.

– Ollie –

UBD Open Day & Career Fair!

It’s starting today and UBD is inviting everyone to come. Get to know more about UBD. There is also a booth where they can help you with your HECAS application. There also some company agencies here and they’re hiring. You can have a walk-in interview with them. Just bring your CV and you can photocopy your documents at the PMUBD Cafe in Chancellor Hall. Meet you there.

UBD student,