Journey to Better Skin: Day 1 and Day 2

I always wonder why it was hard to follow a routine to take care of your skin. I get asked once on how I get very smooth and glowy skin. I just told that person that it’s just easy to follow the routine. My response was offensive.

So I made an experiment on my own skin. For 5 months, I didn’t follow the routine and I only sometimes do it like once a week. It was a huge difference. My skin turned dull and getting a lot of wrinkles on the side of my eyes and on the around the lips. The pores were very visible and I can tell my skin was not hydrated at all.  I tried going back to the routine that I once used to do and it was not happening. I was lazy and there were so many things to do. I keep wondering how I actually spend my mornings and nights doing these routines. Amazing.

Right now, I decided to do my routine and see what are the changes made for a month. My initial thought was to make a weekly log about this. But on the second day, I can see a difference in my face. My face is cleaner and the pores are less visible. Not only that, there’s a plumpy feel to it now. It’s smoother and softer too. Still having troubles with the chapped lips. But, hopefully, I can see a change soon.

I made a lot of research on how to improve my skin complexion with different routines. K-Beauty is something that I adore so much and, now, changed how my routine was and made it into something that I learned from the Korean artistes. So far, I’m loving it. I will be sure to post my skincare routines soon.

Stay tuned!




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