Journey to Better Skin: Day 1 and Day 2

I always wonder why it was hard to follow a routine to take care of your skin. I get asked once on how I get very smooth and glowy skin. I just told that person that it’s just easy to follow the routine. My response was offensive.

So I made an experiment on my own skin. For 5 months, I didn’t follow the routine and I only sometimes do it like once a week. It was a huge difference. My skin turned dull and getting a lot of wrinkles on the side of my eyes and on the around the lips. The pores were very visible and I can tell my skin was not hydrated at all.  I tried going back to the routine that I once used to do and it was not happening. I was lazy and there were so many things to do. I keep wondering how I actually spend my mornings and nights doing these routines. Amazing.

Right now, I decided to do my routine and see what are the changes made for a month. My initial thought was to make a weekly log about this. But on the second day, I can see a difference in my face. My face is cleaner and the pores are less visible. Not only that, there’s a plumpy feel to it now. It’s smoother and softer too. Still having troubles with the chapped lips. But, hopefully, I can see a change soon.

I made a lot of research on how to improve my skin complexion with different routines. K-Beauty is something that I adore so much and, now, changed how my routine was and made it into something that I learned from the Korean artistes. So far, I’m loving it. I will be sure to post my skincare routines soon.

Stay tuned!




Another Semester Done!

It’s gonna be my last year in college and I’m still trying to juggle my time with my personal life, college and work.  But, there are some good news to what has been going on. 

I have found the right style for me to study and I’m gonna stick to it for my last year (hopefully my results will bring me to the next level). It was actually inspired by a YouTuber but I tweaked it a bit. 

The way I did with my assignments are still a bit off track.  Knew what the university want. Just the procrastination part and time management between work and studies are still quite concerning. 

So, you might be able to see how I studied for this semester and, another one, would be a track of my books. As the holiday is here, another one that I would like to do os to go back to my cross stitching. The last project I did was 3 years ago and the plan was for my niece. I guess that’s a really delayed gift.  I’m also gonna make a weight loss journey for a month. 

Stay tuned!