Book Review: Phantom Wolf by Kia Carrington-Russell

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Sypnosis from Goodreads:
Sia is a Phantom Wolf. Neither dead nor alive—and rotting from the inside—she is on the edge of her curse. Once a Phantom Wolf has been created, they hunt their blood pack and slaughter all their loved ones. Except for Sia, who woke years after her death to find herself rampaging through the land on a lonely path. She continues to run from the rival pack that hunts her because she is a Phantom Wolf. Attracted to a scent, Sia finds her old best friend, who is now a grown woman. Having once saved Keeley, Sia takes the role of protector yet again, despite Keeley’s involvement with the mysterious Alpha, Kiba, and his kin brother, Saith. An ambush separates the pack and the four of them blindly fight the new warriors that attack them: desperately needing to find out where the attacks are coming from, as Sia has vowed to protect Keeley. But at what cost? Now being chased, Sia finds herself conflicted by the mortal and spirit world while trying to protect her kin. Sia must confront her fears, as well as the human lover who killed her many years before. It is not only survival Sia contends with, but her own façade that must be broken so that she may find peace within herself once more.

What are my thoughts?

Her pack slaughtered and she was betrayed and murdered by a human boy whom she loved so dearly. Awaken as a Phantom Wolf, a legend in which it lives in a curse as a living being between life and death. Feared by many including their own kind, Sia was forced to live in solitary for years only to be broken by a rogue wolf Prince and her long, lost childhood friend, Keeley, grown as a fine young wolf. The two friends whom they also claim themselves as kin reunited. When history was about to repeat itself, will Sia be able to convince the wolf Prince? Will she able to stop it from happening? Can she avenge for her own death and uplift the curse?

The Phantom Wolf by Kia Carrington-Russell is a book that I would recommend all young adult readers to read. The first impression that I have was a cliché thought of reading another book about wolves. However, this is something different from any other book. Their characteristics are half human-like and wolf-like being. They are not the shape shifters like many books would describe them as. There is one thing that I could summarise it all. “It’s a book that I can’t put down.” In fact, I spent half a day to finish this book. That was how I was intrigued with this book. The author brought us from a horrible, heart-breaking story then to the humorous Sia and Kiba and how they fight to protect their pack and their kin.

I imagine Sia as a very strong character. She does not immerse herself with self-pity despite of her terrible past. I like Sia when she was mentioned as a truly, devoted friend who would do anything to protect Keeley even when it means to disagree with the prince Wolf.

About Keeley and Saith. I was hoping that their presence would be mentioned just as much as Sia. Thinking how important their link towards the storyline is, I just want to hear more from them. Not only is Keeley her childhood friends, but, also the fate of Keeley and Saith was also something that I think should be considered important.

As for Kiba, I would just say he is every girls’ fantasy. I can picture that my boyfriend would be someone like him. Having that macho character and the “will be beside you and protecting you” kind of guy  picture Kiba as this strong/gentleman/angelic guy.

There is no doubt that there is a villain in this storyline but what I like about it is that the author mentioned the villain by picturing who and how the villain is by the horrible memories from Sia. I was amazed how by just picturing it could give an impact to the whole book.

Who would I recommend?

Like I said, I would definitely recommend this book to all young adult readers. I just can’t wait to read the next series.

Favourite Quotes

For now I must fight to live, no matter what kid of life that might be. I must always fight.

I have run from him for a week and now I must confront my own feelings for him. Am I so quickly agitated by him because I am attracted to him?


Title: Phantom Wolf 

Author: Kia Carrington-Russell

Genre: Fantasy, YA Fantasy

Edition: eBook

Publisher: Crystal Publishing

Publication Date: June 19th, 2014

Paperback: 191 pages


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