Happy In and the Depression Out

It has been a while since I blog due to the volunteer work in the university. Although it has taken up all of my time for my own during the summer break, I still think that it’s worth to gain the experiences to meet people from around the world. Other than that, I’ve spent most of my leisure time meditating. Doing meditation has helped me fight off my depression. That comes to something that I want to talk about.

As the new semester starts, many students would think about their results from their past semesters and would try to figure out how to find a way to get higher grades. It’s not that I discouraged many to have this goal. What I meant is that we should all have that realistic goal set to be aimed for. I’m still fighting depression and I’m determined that depression won’t let me down. So,….


How to Deal with Depression 

Photo by pharmavoice.blogspot.com

Before you read the list, please bear in mind that this is based on my life experience and some of them would be unsuitable for you. 

  1. As I mentioned just now, meditation helps a lot. I’ve learned so much about meditation that I’m thinking of teaching and sharing more. You are able to learn it on YouTube or on the internet. If you’re afraid or unsure about learning by yourself, find someone who knows meditation so that he or she can teach the basic of meditation. 
  2. Exercising can ease of tension. Be it walking or running a mile, exercise not only help you mentally but also physically. There a few suggestions that I could recommend. If there is any suggestion that you would like to give, just leave a comment. Dancing, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, and, there is so much more to the list that suites you. 
  3. Change your daily routine once in a while. While dealing with depression, you will tend to feel let down so change your routine to avoid boredom. For university schedules that are fixed, just attend them as if it is compulsory. Change your fashion style, learning style or the route to your university. Experimenting yourself will excite your life and are able to deal with depression. 
  4. Don’t forget your loved ones. It’s perfectly understandable that everyone needs moral support from your family and friends. They’re the ones who can help cheer you up. 
  5. However, if none as I mentioned has helped you, I suggest that you should consult a professional counselor or psychiatrist.

There will be more post to come. I’m still sorting out my articles so please be patient. See you next time. 

– Ollie –


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