Crafting a Life Reset for 2023 | Life Reset #1

It’s been many years since I did a life reset. With so many things in my life that happened during the pandemic, I hadn’t had the time to figure out how my life should be. Here I am, thinking and writing. I have gone through so many chapters of my life. A change of career. A new life with my husband. Buying an apartment. The pandemic. With so many happenings, it is time to reset my life. It is fortunate timing that schools in Brunei are now wrapping up the end of the school year. That means that I have more time to focus on my life.

Craft spaces by decluttering

Have a literal reset of your living space, including the bed. I’ve learnt the hard way. If you don’t declutter your things, you won’t be able to visualise what you want to do. Somehow, the junk will keep piling up as what I’ve been going through since the move into our apartment.

Craft a master list

As I’m decluttering, I’m able to have a clear mind on what I want to have done with a certain space. This is when the master list helps. I would start filling up the master list as I go through every space. It will be a very unpredictable year for John and I so what we can do is just prepare for the plans that we have at hand and try to build our way around our Plans A to Z.

Craft your rewarding month

Let go of past events and people that could bring sorrow to your life and embrace the imperfection of your life. Not only that, resetting your life is not an easy task. I would take the month of December to reward myself for the entire year. It could be a staycation, travelling overseas or just spending time with the family. It would be the time when I would be able to “declutter” my mind by letting go and relaxing. It’s also a time when I could challenge myself to avoid social media.

Craft an ideal lifestyle.

Once your life has reset, you will start your journey in a new chapter. Start living a meaningful life. Think about how you want your ideal future to look.

I love to interview myself by asking the following questions.

  • What would my ideal day be?
  • What kind of goals would I want to have?
  • What good habits that I want to have that I currently don’t?
  • What is her home environment?
  • What are the qualities that I want to possess in a relationship?
  • What hobbies would I be able to share with someone in a relationship?
  • What career would I venture into?
  • What do I want to learn?
  • What skills should I possess?
  • What can support me in the future?

Once these questions are answered, I would create a digital vision board. I would look for pictures from Pinterest and compile them into a collage. That vision board would be on my Notion homepage to remind me every time on what my ideal lifestyle can be.

Having a system is also important. I would love to have a good start to the day when I’m on a reset month and for my ideal lifestyle for next year. To do that, I need to have a good night’s sleep. I’ve started building a weekly system showing what I need to do. Having an ideal system for your lifestyle can help so much in trying to track the new habits that you would like to have.

Craft your life categories

It’s an idea to organise your goals and sub-goals into categories that you would be able to fit into your ideal life. Look back at the master list and start to separate them. My master list is in Notion, so it would be easier for me to drag the items around. My list is, then, categorised into my personal, family and work life.

Practice your ideal lifestyle as soon as possible.

Don’t wait until the new year to start your resolutions. It’s been so long since I used the word “resolution” because they never stick to me. I use the word “lifestyle” because it can show me what I want to be for the year 2023. Once you have done it all, you can start right after. Start learning a new language or a new skill. Start now!

I hope you enjoy reading this post and may be able to take a few tips from this and start crafting your own reset month.

Good luck and stay tuned for more!

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A Weekend of Studies

Studying is never-ending. I would expect that after I have gotten my degree that would be the end of it. That changed when I felt that I should do something to update my career for the future. Don’t get me wrong. I love teaching. I just wish that I could do something that has got to do with my degree. There are 14 papers that I need to get done for my ACCA. Thankfully, the first 4 papers are exempted due to my university. I’m going to tackle my next 2 papers next year June as I’m struggling to study those 2 modules. So, I’m refreshing my mind with the exempt papers that are the foundations. Management Accounting and Financial Accounting would be a breeze for me as I have been teaching my students most of the finance sections.


I took the afternoon to catch up with the modules that I need to recap. So, until the end of this year, I would be just recapping on management accounting and financial accounting. After 4 years of not touching accounting, I’m quite surprised that I could still remember the terms. That’s a start. I totally forgot all the calculations and the information presentations that are needed for accounting. Count me lucky that I decided to recap on the basics first. I might have trouble wasting the money if I failed the papers.

Hours of study today : 3 hours


Friday is another quiet day. Although I’m swamped with sets of assignments to mark, I would need to step up my game as I already had a plan to start studying since the beginning of October. 2 weeks of catching up on some of the chapters was stressful but fun. What I was frustrated about was the damage on my keyboard. It’s literally screaming at me to get a new device. Still torn between getting a touchscreen laptop or an iPad Air with keyboard. I want something that I could use to take notes and also to create papers for my teaching materials. I took the evening to go to the stores and check out which one suits me. Different devices cover the things that I want but not one has yet to finalised my thoughts that could be according to my lifestyle and the budget. So many intriguing choices. Wanting to continue studying at night but with heavy eyes I found myself in bed instead.

Hours of study : 3 hours

Saturday and Sunday

I was in auto-mode when I was working. Thinking that I had a lot to do, makes my brain function more and has me wear myself down. I gave myself the Saturday and Sunday to revise what I had studied during the week.

Hours of study : 4 hours

No matter what kind of routine that I’m going to have, I keep telling myself that I should fit my study time into my lifestyle. This weekend was a good start to get back on track and I felt proud of myself.

Stay tuned for more.


Am I Busy or Not?

It’s one of those days when I come to realise that I want to blog again. Having an on and off moment of what to blog and leaving it behind. That’s when I knew that I should’ve done what comes naturally to me like how I was blogging. Although some things are not shared, it’s still raw.

It’s 6.30 right now on a Friday. Some would say that’s early. Some would say that’s late. For me, it’s one of those days again where I couldn’t find myself to get up.

When I have my good mornings, I’ll be able to wake up easily with different purposes to run my day. Today’s one of the bad mornings where I do have a purpose to wake up but just didn’t want to do it.

Every night, I always dump ideas in my master list. I never seemed to check off all of them. In the start of the process, I would feel the enthusiasm then I lost the interest and left it aside. It may take months or years to gain back the interest then lose it again. Then the cycle begins again.

This is one of my life challenges where I never keep continuing. I tell myself I’m too busy for it now. Be it that it’s writing over here, reading, crochet or my studies. Sometimes, I do wonder. Am I busy or not?


Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon Announcement

Another readathon is just around the corner. Dewey’s 24 hour readathon will start on 30th April. It starts at 8am EST (8pm GMT+8).

For 24 hours, we read books, post to various social media: blogs, Twitters, Instagrams, Litsy, Reddit, Facebook, Goodreads and MORE about our reading. We also participate in mini-challenges throughout the day.

In this post, I’m going to share the books that I’m going to read and some tips for tackling this readathon.

Read more: Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon Announcement

Books to Read

I have always wanted to challenge myself to read all 13 books after watching Drinking By My Shelf‘s video. This is going to be a nice way to finish reading the books at least once in my lifetime. I’ve gotten these books as ebooks.

Here are some of the tips that I’ve tried from previous readathons:

Before starting

  • I’m stocking up snacks as I know that I will need to keep myself awake.
  • Coffee or tea. Drinking coffee or tea is another way to fight some sleep.
  • Schedule in breaks after every hour.
  • Every hour during my break, I will check in through my Twitter and my Instagram story.

Where to read?

  • Sofa is a spot for me to do some cozy reading.
  • My balcony is where I can have my cloud watching scenery and having a bit of fresh air.
  • Cafe with the bustling sound and jazz music can be a getaway when reading books that can bring in some mood.

I hope you guys enjoy reading this post. Share the link of your announcement and where you’re going to have your update reading.

Stay tuned for more.

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Books I Haven’t Read, But Want To | Top Ten Tuesday #4

Reading hasn’t been my ideal leisure time as I have been struggling with my mentality. This is such good timing to share the top 10 books that I would love to read during the upcoming school holidays and this month is also about Mental Health Awareness.

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